Full time

Associate Product Manager

Location: White Plains, NYJob reference #: TM 4/13



Assists the product manager/senior product manager with the development of new product lines from concept to market
release. Also includes tracking of current sales, tracking competitive trends, supporting of vendor relations and
maintaining existing product lines.

Category Responsibilities

Line Analysis

  • Set up and label current planogram with sales information
  •  Evaluate line with manager for new opportunities
  • Review inventory status to determine potential drops
  • Identify best and worst selling items and offer conclusions
  • Analyze findings with manager to make future product line recommendations

New Program Development

  • Brainstorm and research new ideas
  • Discuss areas of growth and identify additions to the line
  • Support in the development of merchandising solutions
  • Determine additions and track new line development list
  • Confirm drops and communicate information to relevant departments

Determine new item feasibility

  • Liaise with art team in tracking of new design projects
  • Submit specifications to Hong Kong office for initial sourcing and quoting
  • Review quotes and margins with management to determine viability
  • Finalize the line list
  • Work with safety team to understand testing and label requirements for new items


  • Update status changes in system
  • Communicate new line offering to all relevant departments e.g. catalog, sales and inventory
  • Finalize sourcing and quoting
  • Final review with manager of all margins, costs, sell price, and retails
  • Ensure product databases are regularly updated as items evolve
  • Support in new product presentations to management

New Product Development

  • Communicate product specifications to art department
  • Work with art department to finalize mechanicals
  • Review mechanical to ensure all details are within quotation guidelines
  • Ascertain that UPC item number and vendor numbers are correct on mechanicals
  • Work with prepress to get art out to vendors

Production Process

  • Liaise with Hong Kong office and safety team to ensure all items pass testing
  • Follow up with art department on new projects to be reviewed with manager
  • Work with internal proofing departing to ensure all comments are logged and communicated to vendors
  • Work with vendors or Hong Kong office to get and approve product and packaging samples
  • Co-ordinate distribution of approved samples to catalogue, photography and showrooms

Planogram Maintenance

  • Request mock up samples for planogram set up, showroom and catalog needs
  • Ensure all items in planograms are appropriately labeled
  • Provide samples for showrooms, trade shows and other departments as needed

Post Production Tracking

  • Track production with vendors and inventory department
  • Handle QC issues as they arise

General Responsibilities

Time management

  • Understand and meet deadlines
  • Manage the time and action calendar
  • Manage the daily schedule to ensure all projects are addressed in a timely fashion
  • Address issues such as QC and customer service in a timely and efficient manner

Team Work

  • Develop and maintain strong working interdepartmental relationships
  • Participate in enhancing communication with the retail and buying team

Market Awareness

  • Be aware of market trends driving your product categories
  • Participate in trade show and competitive shopping

Required Skills

  • Must be highly detail oriented
  • Strong computer skills, particularly Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to handle multiple projects in an efficient manner
  • Understand the need to meet key deadlines
  • Independent thinker
  • Ability to work well in a team-oriented environment
  • 1-3 years work experience with similar or related tasks

  • Industry: Retail