Contact Tracing - Covid - 19

Contact Tracing - Covid - 19

Contact Tracing Team Specialists – COVID-19

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield was recently quoted to say that the plan to reopen the U.S. will rely on "very aggressive" contact tracing. But the work is highly labor-intensive, and public health departments across the U.S. are severely understaffed for the task. According to April 2020 John Hopkins "COVID-19 Case Findings," the U.S. public health workforce is underfunded by a factor of billions to complete contact tracing work. Contact Tracers and the application of trusted health surveillance officers will be critical to assist state and local governments with this herculean task.

Coda has launched a comprehensive, 50-state effort to identify and vet qualified health surveillance officers who can be tasked or deployed to support government contact tracing efforts.

Coda will be your partner in providing all sourcing, scheduling, insuring and payrolling your Contact Tracing (CT) team based on your specific needs and guidelines. We will tailor the program around your needs – full spectrum staffing and payrolling or simple payrolling of CT teams.

The CT personnel (Contact Tracers, Case Investigators, and Care Coordinators) will be drawn from backgrounds of public trust including health and social services to ensure they will quickly adapt to your specific program. Your CT team will be required to follow all scripts, policies and procedures, and comply with government confidentiality standards and health practices, including security and privacy rules set forth by your department and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Work can be conducted in your specified locations or can be done remotely by telephone to avoid exposure.

Donna Zimet is leading Coda’s COVID-19’s CT recruitment initiative nationwide. To schedule your state/ team assessment call (609) 212-8880 or email…